Inspired by the work of the Down Syndrome Research Foundation which is Canada’s premier organization in Down Syndrome Research and program development in Canada, this program offers one-to-one teaching for students age 3 to adult organized in blocks. The students usually attend one/two session(s) per week. The program strives to make learning fun in a supportive and dynamic environment that incorporates individual student interest into a program that is uniquely designed for each student. Optional Assessment is available if requested. The reading programs prepare students to more fully participate in classroom activities at school and complement school based learning through:

  • Assessment
  • Program design
  • Material preparation for both in-class and take home
  • Modelling for other team members
  • Charting the course for continued progression

Because reading is not a linear process, and many students may be working on skills in multiple levels, students will work towards skill mastery in language under the following levels:

  • Early Foundations
  • Success Reading
  • Launch Pad
  • Read On!


DSAP is proud to offer this program to it’s community at a subsidized cost.  To learn more about the program, please send an email to [email protected]

Have you noticed any issues with your child? Such as not speaking at all or enough or having trouble with certain sounds and pronunciation?  DSAP has partnered with Aphelelia Speech services to help you help your child.  Your speech therapist will work with the child and will provide the parent the tools and methods to support your child at home.  They will continuously monitor and provide feedback to give you the confidence to help your child succeed with their speech and language goals.

With the support of Apheleia Speech services (www. , DSAP is proud to be able to offer it’s community subsidized speech and language programing for those children/young adults that need the support. To learn more about the program, please send an email to [email protected]