Paresh Mistry


Paresh is the President and spokesperson for Down Syndrome Association of Peel. Paresh, along with his wife Anju, were among the founding members of the original DSAP group that started over six years ago. When Paresh is not working in the fast-paced world of staffing and recruitment, he is usually at home with his family, or out at a DSAP event. His goal is to ensure that the voices of all parents with Down syndrome children, as well as adults with Down syndrome, are heard loud and clear, and to affect change in our community for the betterment of families and individuals touched by Down syndrome.

Carlo DiCarlo

Vice President

Carlo DiCarlo is honoured to serve as the Vice-President of DSAP. Carlo believes that everyone has a purpose in life and unique gifts to share. A couple of years ago, Carlo was blessed with his daughter Laurel who was born with Down syndrome. Laurel has opened Carlo’s eyes and empowered his family so deeply that he feels compelled to do more.

It is no secret that in various parts of the globe children from the Down syndrome community are seen as a burden to their society. Carlo believes that it is everyone’s fundamental responsibility to advocate for the Down syndrome community and to rebel against such preposterous notions.

Carlo DiCarlo is committed, deep in his core, to helping others understand the intrinsic value that our children bring to the world. As a teacher, Carlo watches children grow and evolve each and every day. It is Carlo’s hope that as a society we can embrace all children with exceptionalities and make them feel loved and accepted.

Ellie De Souza


Ellie De Souza is the mother of a 32 year-old boy with Down syndrome and a 35 year-old girl. Ellie is a grandmother of two beautiful girls. Ellie is a grandmother, a partner, a marathon runner, and has completed two Ironman competitions. She is proud to be a co-founder of the Peel Caring Network for Challenged Kids before it merged with the Down Syndrome Awareness of Peel.

Anju Mistry


Anju Misty is a mother of three beautiful girls with the youngest having Down syndrome. As one of the co-founders of the Down Syndrome Association of Peel, Anju is passionate in advocating for the rights for individuals with Down syndrome. Anju believes these individuals deserve to be contributing members of society. As a professional in Human Resources supporting organizations in health care, Anju is also actively involved in school parent councils. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, reading, dancing, and creating everlasting memories with her family and friends.

Mellissa Vetro


Mellissa is the co-founder of Down Syndrome Association of Peel. She is also a proud mother of two beautiful girls. Mellissa likes to travel and explore new cities and places. Her children and husband inspire her every day to be a better person and they fill her heart. Mellissa loves to help people and to lead them in a positive direction.

Lisa Verdone

Subcommittee Chair: Education

Lisa recently retired as a teacher from the Halton District School Board and is a mother of three sons. Her son, Luke, is 26 years-old. Lisa has been involved with the Caring Network for Challenged Kids and the former Peel DS parents, support group for approximately 20 years. She is on the provincial Executive Board of DSAO (Down Syndrome Association of Ontario), representing our Peel group. Lisa is pleased to be supporting families of DSAP with children 21 years of age and older.

Kamila Moran

Subcommittee Chair: Social Events

Kamila Moran is a mother of two beautiful daughters. She was inspired by her daughter, Sara, along with others, to form a not-for-profit organization to better the lives of individuals with Down syndrome, to advocate and make a change. In her spare time Kamila enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, movies, design, photography, and spending time with her family and friends.

Shanna Walsh

Subcommittee Chair: Advocacy

Shanna Walsh is a busy mother of two amazing children, Anastasia and Paul Thomas. Shortly after Paul Thomas was born, the family attended a DSAP  function and was welcomed openly into their community. She was encouraged and relieved to know they weren’t embarking on this journey alone. The family attended many functions thereafter and became more actively involved, and Shanna decided she wanted to volunteer and help other families whenever possible. Shanna enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling as much as possible and staying active.